ASB’s Bridge Program is an extended learning program that runs during our Intersessions. It will offer courses that are designed to maintain and enhance the learning gained and growth made in specific academic subjects during the year. This year we are prototyping an English as an Additional Language (EAL) course.

EAL Bridge Program Course

The EAL intersession courses are offered to all English language learners who need to maintain their English language skills. The focus will be on building confidence in discussions related to personal topics and specific reading materials. Students will engage in activities that encourage commentary on story development, characterization, and themes. Oral presentation skills will be enhanced through story telling, poetry reciting and play readings (Readers’ Theatre).

Opportunities to create and present stories, scripts, poems and factual information will also be provided. Students will enjoy a variety of games in which they “play” with the language, for example, Pictionary, Scrabble, Memory, Guess the Word and Scattegories. Activities will be differentiated according to the student’s age and language level. Sessions run from 90 to 120 minutes daily for the week.