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Located in the heart of Mumbai, India, the American School of Bombay is a coeducational, independent, IB day school from Pre-K to Grade 12.

The aim of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) is that students will acquire ownership of a deep-rooted set of attributes that will provide the foundation for all their future endeavours.

The Five Essential Elements of the IB PYP encourage the breadth of content necessary in an international school:

Conceptual Understandings


Approaches to Learning



The PYP takes a curricular approach with inquiry at the center. It is not just an approach, but also a philosophy that guides program development and student learning. Students participate in directing their learning by investigating and exploring the central ideas presented through the Program of Inquiry. Students at ASB are engaged in open-ended, relevant, student-centered engagements that allow them to explore the essential elements embedded in the units of inquiry.


Units of inquiry are designed to enable students to construct knowledge and understanding of the world around them through meaningful and purposeful engagements relating to the students’ first-hand experiences. Throughout the inquiries, students reflect on their learning, continually constructing and modifying theories, and making connections between their learning within the school environment and their experiences in the wider world. 

Transdisciplinary Themes 

Learning in the PYP is organized under six transdisciplinary themes. These themes represent multiple perspectives and human commonalities and promote a transdisciplinary model of teaching and learning. 

An inquiry into: 

Who we are

Where we are in place and time

How we express ourselves

How the world works

How we organize ourselves

Sharing the planet

The IB Learner Profile

The IB Learner Profile IB programs aim to develop internationally-minded people who recognize our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet and help to create a better, more peaceful world. 

AS IB learners we strive to be: 











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