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We have assembled 130 of the world’s strongest educators at ASB, the best international school in Mumbai. They engage students in unique and individualized learning experiences. Our diverse faculty hails from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, France, Belgium, and Singapore.


  • Classroom teachers
  • Subject area teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Literacy and math specialists
  • Learning support specialists
  • Technology integration specialists
  • School counselors
  • School psychologist
  • Speech and language pathologist

Each one of our educators is a master of their craft and has joined ASB after strong careers and professional development. 70% of our overseas teachers hold advanced degrees, including four Ph.Ds. More than, 1/3 of our HS teachers are IB examiners, at least one teacher per IB group. Our teachers, with their profile and passion, challenge students to achieve the highest potential. They create a vibrant culture of learning unique to the American School of Bombay.


The American School environment enables everyone to pursue professional growth and personal development. As a professional learning center, we are building global communities of learners and researchers. They share data, content, tools, and ideas with colleagues and schools around the world.

We hold conferences, partner with universities, and conduct expert-led workshops. We also offer online courses and certificate programs. These enable our teachers to pursue their passions as well as individualize student learning. Learning skills and learning content are different things and our teachers help students learn the delicate balance between these two.

Our dynamic professional environment encourages exploration, risk-taking, prototyping, reflection, and sharing. It results in a vibrant culture that brings the best thinking of everyone to the surface. The results show in our advances made in the field of teaching and learning.

Our Teachers

Our team of remarkable educators, recruited from around the world, are dedicated to ensuring high achievement for every child, through engaging, hands-on learning experiences. Our dynamic educational program prepares students for their next experiences in school, at university and in life.

Fiona Reynolds

We want to create teacher leaders by providing them opportunities like Presenting and Teacher Training.

Justin Wild

Teachers who find success have a growth mindset. We look for professional learning opportunities that is best suited for them.

Casey Faulknall

We have put together a team that is well qualified but are united by a common vision for holistic education for children.

John Smithies

Our educators need to have the ability to successfully interact with people, and they need to be accepting of change.