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Technology Integration


In the world of ASB, technology inspires creativity and innovation. As a leading international school in Mumbai, we support continuous inquiry and foster collaboration. Technology also enhances the learning and academic achievements of our students. We bring the latest advancements to keep their levels of information literacy always elevated. Integrating technology into education helps our students develop critical thinking skills and manage complexity.

All members of the ASB community use technology in an ethical and responsible manner. We understand and respect the use of technology across academic, social, and personal contexts. Considered by many as the best school in Mumbai, ASB has been a laptop school since 2001. It now embraces mobile devices, wearable technologies, and innovations such as 3D printers.

Belief statements that guide us towards realizing our vision:

  • Teachers are most effective when they help students learn through interactive rich-media experiences
  • Our lifelong learning model should empower the students to thrive in an increasingly digital world
  • Teachers should help parents connect formal and informal uses of technology. It enables the parents to play a major role in their children's education
  • Every stakeholder of a learning community has the power to become a leader and effect positive change
  • We are a responsible learning community in an evolving digital world. We understand the social, ethical, and legal issues and accordingly model our responsibilities

Digital Life

We empower students to act safely, participate ethically and think critically in their digital lives. Our curriculum integrates digital life practices throughout the grade levels. We address cyber-bullying, website accuracy evaluation, sources citation, and safe online behavior. We apply age-appropriate contexts to help students practice the learning in real life. ASB has a Responsible Use Policy across its elementary, middle, and high school divisions.

Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL)

ASB is a leader in the use of Information Technology to enhance the learning experiences. Using appropriate technology makes the students get involved deeper in the learning. It also develops higher order thinking skills and technological fluency. Students from Grade 4 upwards bring their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones to use in class; they become better prepared to participate in tomorrow's world.

Elementary (Grades 4-5), Middle, and High School students can bring any laptop that meets the minimum specs listed in the BYOL FAQs on the right. iPads and Android devices do not meet the minimum requirements for a primary device. However, students may bring in an iPad or an Android tablet as a secondary device to their main laptop.

ASB will install Microsoft Office for both PC and Mac laptops. We will also set up any other software required for the classes.

Cloud Technologies

Keeping pace with the advances in the Internet, ASB has moved most of its software to the "Cloud". Except for a few desktop applications, all cloud software is now accessible from anywhere and any device. As the best international day school in Mumbai, we are also up-to-date on alternative technologies and software upgrades. Most of our core learning systems are accessible via the web. We are no longer locked into any one platform or technology.

ASB students use cloud based computer services such as Google Apps for Education, Haiku, and a variety of Web 2.0 applications.

Dedicated technical support personnel are available during the school's working hours to provide technical support services. We pride ourselves on the responsiveness and efficiency of our technical support.


Information Technology should promote active learning and allow teachers to share information efficiently. It should make managing things more effective for the administrators. Technology should empower timely communications between students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Keeping these objectives in mind, the infrastructure setup at our international school in Mumbai includes:

  • High-speed Network: Uses a 1000 Mbps LAN. Covers all instructional spaces, administration office, library, and other infrastructure
  • Heavy-duty Servers: A dedicated server cluster/farm of 12 servers powers and runs the entire network
  • Tablets/Laptops: Over 750 student and staff tablets and laptops installed across the school
  • Wireless Access: The 802.11 n wireless access standard ensures superior performance, reliability, and predictability. The modernized network offers up to six times more performance than legacy 802.11a/b/g networks. It supports total mobility of multimedia and learning-critical applications
  • Internet: Two high-speed 80 Mbps Fiber links with a 2 Mbps wireless backup for the internet. The elementary school and the secondary school connect through two dedicated 100 Mbps links. Two different ISPs provide these point-to-point links
  • User Policies: Responsible Use and Network Use Policies provide students and staff with the guidelines for the use of technology systems in the school.

Applications and Systems

  • Student Management System - We use Veracross, a web-based integrated student information and management system for student admissions, student attendance, student reporting, and preparing middle and high school course schedules
  • Community Portal - ASB has portal page for each division within Veracross. It is a repository for documents and other school related information - news, announcements, events, calendars, Web links
  • Accounting System - Tally.ERP addresses General Ledger, Budgeting, Purchase, Accounts, Fees and Payroll
  • Web Page - The school has an informative website that is user-friendly and content-rich
  • Library Management System - Destiny provides ASB’s library automation services encompassing cataloging, circulation, inventory, and public access catalog capabilities. The database allows us to track patrons, titles, usage data, and collection development in order to optimize our services for students, teachers, and families in the most cost-effective manner possible
  • Educational Software - The school has a growing collection of educational software to facilitate the integration of technology in all subjects at the school. Please refer to the ASB Dashboard for links to our tools and platforms
  • Games and Gamification - Scientific studies are pointing to the impact of games on motivation and learning. A number of ASB teachers are incorporating gamification into their teaching