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Welcome to the elementary school of the American School of Bombay, a school with a long-standing tradition of excellence coupled with a caring, stimulating, and open ethos. We take great pride in the caliber of our excellent international faculty and staff, who are experienced and committed to providing an outstanding inquiry-based program for their students both in the homeroom environment and as part of our extensive specialist program.

Students in the elementary school at ASB learn in an environment that is specifically designed for them. The flexible learning spaces enable our children to engage in rich as well as meaningful experiences, to interact with peers and adults, and to develop lifelong skills. Our school is a community in which students learn to respect each other as they participate in collaborative experiences. We believe in educating students in the academic domains and engendering the qualities of courage, optimism, respect, and integrity. We invite you to join us in the journey of learning and growing and look forward to getting to know you and your child.


Learning in the elementary school at ASB prepares students for life beyond the classroom. The 21st century needs independent thinkers, responsible citizens, creative problem-solvers, and confident decision-makers. We provide students in our international elementary school in Mumbai with a strong foundation in these skills. This helps students gain the skills, courage, and optimism to be successful.

Students working on an art project

At ASB, parents, teachers, and students are partners in the educational experience. We encourage our students to take risks and do their best. Parents are expected to play a role in guiding and supporting their children's education. Teachers, authors, and musicians from around the world visit ASB for special programs and engagements. These visiting experts enhance our students learning.


STEAM Maker - Understanding Learning Through Making

Learning through Making encourages young minds to investigate, inquire, and take decisions on how best to repurpose information and materials to create something new. Making also develops divergent thinking and creative skills to empower student success outside of school. It equips the students make decisions in the open and connected learning environment.

Every Saturday, we encourage our whole community to come together at our campus and embrace the idea of Maker. Parent Makers of ASB share their knowledge, experience, and skills with the children and encourage them to develop a Maker mindset through hands-on tinkering and creating. STEAM Maker projects weave Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math together.

At ASB, over 200 students, parents, and teachers meet one Saturday per month to explore making, learn, and have fun.

The tremendous success of Maker movement, across the globe, is driven by six main trends:

Open Source

Open access and sharing of software, apps, codes, and tools means more access to the building blocks for creating original and useful new products, speeding up disruptive innovation.

Professional Amateur

Passionate hobbyists and DIYers that outmaneuver and surpass the efforts of companies are on the rise. These are the inventors, entrepreneurs, and changemakers of the future.

Social Platforms

Social networks and sharing platforms lead to the creation of robust social contexts, hubs, and communities where Makers can easily self-organize, create, share, and collaborate.

Eco Motivation

With the need for environmentally-sustainable practices increasing in all aspects of our lives, Makers are focusing on reducing, reusing, and remaking products that contribute to the cause.

Access to Tools

Tools that are easy to use and yet capable of carrying out complex, professional-grade fabrications are becoming more and more cheaper and powerful.

Quest for Authenticity

In a world of commoditized and mass-produced products, appreciation for hand-crafted products and the hands-on experience of making drive the quest for authenticity.

Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything is causing an exponential transformation in the way people perceive and interact with things around them and Makers are right in the front, influencing it, shaping it, and creating the future.