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Middle School Athletics and Activities


A warm welcome goes out to all of the new students, parents and families who are joining the ASB community.

Through our co-curricular program we hope each student will develop an understanding of commitment and the value of dedicated practice. Therefore, all students who sign up to participate in an activity are expected to complete the full period, regardless of whether they have made the traveling team. If you have any questions please speak with us in the Athletic and Activities office.

Andrew Colston - Athletics and Activities Director

After School Activities

A variety of after-school activities are offered each year. Most activities are run in conjunction with the ASIAC seasons and meet once a week for one and a half hour sessions – 3:45 pm–5:15 pm. Students are encouraged to explore different interests
and new experiences.

Activities include but not limited to: Homework Club, MATHCounts, ASB INK, Destination Imagination ASIAC, SAISA, Swimming, and Rock Climbing.


This program begins with an intramural season that allows open access to every student regardless of ability. These students may remain in the activity so long as they maintain an adequate level of commitment through participation. The seasons last for 4-5 weeks and practices are 3 times a week. After this time, an intramural tournament may be the closing event of the activity.

Coaches will select a set number of athletes based on merit to participate in a further 3 weeks of team practices after the intramural season. From this squad a selected number of athletes participate in ASIAC Tournaments. ASB either hosts an ASIAC tournament or our teams travel to other ASIAC participating schools.

All students participating in the ASIAC program are expected to host visiting athletes as part of our reciprocal housing agreement.

Sports Teams

Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Track and Field.


MS Model United Nations is a learning experience for students who want to refine their speaking, debating, writing, and researching skills. MUN seeks to engage students in a Model United Nations General Assembly experience so that they can learn the complexities and politics of international diplomacy.

This club meets regularly throughout the year before traveling to Singapore for an international MS MUN Conference with hundreds of students from other international schools.

Performing Arts

AMIS Honor Band and Choir Festival

ASB is a member of AMIS: The Association for Music in International Schools. AMIS is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in all levels of music education. AMIS sponsors a variety of music festivals annually which are especially designed to benefit students in international schools. Middle school students generally need to audition, be selected and spend time working independently on their music before traveling to a choir and band festival.

Drama Production

The MS production provides students with the opportunity to participate in a stimulating and meaningful group activity – students and teachers come together to learn, perform and celebrate. Students will have opportunities for on-stage roles or backstage support.


Swimming and Track and Field are part of our interscholastic program. There is not intramural season here and students are selected as team members through a tryout process. Seasons are 10-12 weeks long and practice 4 times a week. Teams are divided by gender and age groups. All Middle School students-athletes will either be in the 10-12 or 13-14 age groups.

Students are housed by the host SAISA School and are expected to participate in the reciprocal housing scheme. As for all SAISA activities, students are expected to pay for travel costs.