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Elementary Student Life


Welcome to ASB's student life programs for the elementary school. We are pleased to offer developmentally-appropriate programs for our KG – Grade 5 students that run throughout the school year.

Student life at the ES campus is about inspiration, dreams, skills, courage, and optimism—some of the key values of our school mission. We inspire our students to enhance an existing area of interest, or explore a new learning opportunity through a range of co-curricular activities. Some of these are held after school, while others extend the school day and occur on Saturday mornings.

ASA (After School Activities) and Studio: ES programs come under the umbrella of Student Life in the Elementary School. Studio:ES Programs provide Grade 3-5 students with the opportunity to extend their school day (between 2:15 pm and 3:50 pm on Thursdays, with some courses on Saturday mornings). It offers a rigorous 90-minute period for students to go deeper into exploring an area of interest or passion.

We hope you find all the information you and your child to make an informed decision about the programs that she/he can participate in when not in the classroom. We also encourage parents to read the weekly Friday Flash for updates and important information on student life at ASB.

ASA (KG-Grade 5)

Arts & Crafts: KG-1

In this multi‐art program, students will work with different media to gain experience in clay, puppets, printing, boxes, frames and other crafts.

Creative Movement Dance and Fit Kids: KG-2

This Dance class introduces a structured environment while allowing children to recognize their own individuality and body mobility. Focus is on coordination and rhythm introduced in creative and imaginative ways.

Coders Club: KG-2

Students from Kindergarten to grade 5 will be introduced to the basics of computer programming, game designing and animation with the help of different apps and websites.

Cricket Kids: KG-2

Cricket India Academy recognizes that young children have different needs, requirements and motivations for being involved in sport. Modified sport for young children is encouraged to avoid injury and maximize participation.

Exploring the Marvels of the Earth: KG-2

In our highly civilized, urban environment, here is an opportunity to help our children connect to and appreciate the beauty and harmony of nature. Exploring the Marvels of the Earth will allow students to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature.

Junior Chefs ASB: KG-2

This activity was formerly known as Delectable Delight: In this course students will learn the basics of baking and similar styles of cooking. Students will gain experience with ingredients and cooking apparatuses.

Kid Fit: KG-2

Kid Fit is a leading US based, fitness and nutrition curriculum for children of 6 age groups between 1.8 to 7 years. It consists of over 250+ fun activities.

Let’s Get Cooking: KG-2

Not only will the children learn how to mix, knead, measure, combine, but they will be able to learn about the nutritional value - why certain foods are healthier than others, why some foods are essential for a balanced diet and more.

Palletes & Paints: KG-2

The Module initiates the love for art. Children will dabble with a wide array of colors and textures. Each of the sessions is aimed at expanding children’s creativity. Impasto, charcoal, soft pastel, coffee painting and doodling will be part of the program.

Taekwondo: KG-2

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that involves more than physical fighting skills. Taekwondo training reinforces agility, flexibility, improves strength, and motor skills coordination.

The Acoustic Classroom: KG-2

An academic program to improve literacy skills through music and rhythmic movement. Inside an intimate space of learning we shape our own little stage. This classroom musical can help any child read, articulate, modulate and express!

Weebot Robotics: KG-2

The elementary explorations in an age-appropriate workshop centered on “robots” or the adaptation of a machine into a “robot.” The coursework is spread of 3 progressive programs Weebots, Apprentice, and Lego Physics.

Ballet: KG-5

This course is designed to introduce young children to the love of dance and music through the beauty of classical ballet (Vaganova Russian style). The class will be a place that encourages creativity, imagination, and self-esteem.

Bollywood Boogie: KG-5

Come shake a leg at this awesome dance extravaganza! Bollywood, Hip Hop, and bit of everything else will be incorporated in this energetic, fun activity. Come join us to learn, discover, and have fun.

Chess: KG-5

Students will learn the complete set of rules for chess as well as some of the basic openings and strategies to the game. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in matches within their group and an age appropriate mini tournament.

ES Choir: KG-5

Students will be focusing on developing their singing voice, singing in unison, in rounds, as well as in two parts. There may also be solo and small ensemble singing opportunities.

ES Soccer: KG-5

This entry level course is geared towards players who are just beginning their exploration of the game. The focus areas below will set the groundwork for more competitive programs in the future and ignite the child's passion for the sport.

Forensics: KG-5

The E3 programs in Forensic Science are designed to meet the curiosity all children have in ‘C.S.I’ (Crime Scene Investigation) wanting to be detectives! Our program aims to enhance the skills of logic, reasoning, exploration, and lateral thinking.

Gymnastics Beginners: KG-5

Do you enjoy rolling, jumping, leaping, turning upside down and balancing? Come and learn these skills safely on a range of equipment. Explore basic skills and tumbles to create routines on floor and beam and how move over and on the vault and bars.

Gymnastics Intermediary: KG-5

Students should have achieved a certain level of skill proficiency. This class will help develop and refine your tumbling, linking, jumping, and balancing skills; it will build a higher level of strength, extension, and control you learn through more technical and difficult movements.

Mini Tennis Program: KG-5

Mini Tennis is a highly structured curriculum program designed by British Tennis. It is aimed at student from Jr.KG- Grade 5. It is a progressive program where equipment and courts are modified to suit the child.

Weird Science: KG-5

Weird science will introduce you to a world of discovery while sparking your imagination. This activity encourages scientific literacy, and reinforces reading, writing and arithmetic.

Yoga: KG-5

The Yogakids program is a complimentary Practice which aids all other sports practices and balances the body and mind of a child in a sequence that boosts their performance.

Mandarin Beginner: G1-2

Course Objective: Making younger kids learn Mandarin through fun activities. Course Content: An interesting story book of two little Chinese kids Mingming and Huahua will be used to teach children.

Spanish Beginner: G1-2

Course Objective: Introduce children to basic every day phrases and vocabulary. Enable children to understand and practice written and spoken Spanish.

German Beginner: G1-2

Course Objective: Introducing the German language to younger learners of class 1 & 2. Course content: The course would be a mix of play, work and fun. Puppets, craft work, music and much more.

Little Gardeners Club: G1 and above

A curriculum-based gardening cum pro-environment program that serves as a living laboratory and connects students with nature. The activities increase scientific knowledge, sharpen math skills, and instill values of sustainability and preservation of the environment.

Tabla: G1-5

The Tabla is a popular Indian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular, and religious music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. Join us to learn the basics of Tabla play or to improve your skills.

Wall Climbing: G1-5

Students participating in this adventure sport will be Introduced to the Basics of Sport Climbing with a brief History about the Sport. Read on to know more about some of the content that students will experience.

Art Studios: G2-5

The After School Art Program is not just to teach a particular skill but to nurture creativity, enabling participants to have an enriching experience using their senses and minds joyfully.

Rock Star 101: G2-5

As the name suggests, Rockstar 101 is a child’s first step towards becoming the complete musician. It focuses on nurturing raw talent and helping children express themselves through music and through their instrument.

Capoeira: G3-5

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art involving music, dance, martial art movements, acrobats, Portuguese language, history and philosophy. Owing to its overall holistic nature, it enhances physical and mental abilities in adults and children giving them a healthy body and mind.

Cricket Education Program: G3-5

Cricket Education Program has been designed exclusively by Cricket Australia and is a comprehensive six level sequential cricket education program for Grade 3 to Grade 8 boys and girls.

Digital Storytelling: G3-5

Digital storytelling will allow students to express and share aspects of their life story through media. Media will include using sounds and images to tell a story or express different forms of poetry.

Engineering Adventures: G3-5

Students will explore real-world problems and use the Engineering Design Process to create solutions. They will also develop 21st-century skills like creative thinking and collaboration and build confidence in their ability to engineer.

GEMS (Girls Engaged in Math): G3-5

Girls, have you ever wanted to design your best friend's bedroom? Are you looking for fun ways to explore math? Join us in GEMS, a math enrichment after school program for 3rd-5th grade girls.

Get Athletic: G3-5

A special sports education program that is based on the fundamental that athletics is the foundation for all sports.

Hindi – Intermediary Language: G3-5

The program intends to build on the Hindi Language program offered at ASB which integrates learning the Hindi language as students discover the rich and varied Culture of India. The focus will be to help students develop Hindi language skills.

Incredible India Students Dance Squad (History of Mumbai) : G3-5

The history of Mumbai and its diverse culture is fascinating, and even better when told through dance! The dance squad gives students an opportunity to learn about Mumbai; they will also be putting up a performance fat the Incredible India event.

Paper Quilling: G3-5

Students will learn to make different items like envelopes, greeting cards, photo frames creatively using paper strips and punches. As this is a creative art, it is also a fun activity for students to enhance their imagination.

Robotics: G3-5

The word “robot” brings to mind a humanoid capable of performing awesome tasks. Robotics couples a students’ love for building and their fascination of the world of technology into a fun and creative program.

Scrap Booking: G3-5

Learn how to capture life’s great moments through the art of scrapbook making. Through this activity, students will learn the basic techniques for preserving their personal and family history through photographs, printed media, and memorabilia.

The Dance Mashup: G3-5

Grade 3 - 5 Street dance is a general term that covers all sorts of super-cool dance movements. The main dance styles that are like to be included are a combination of Street – Hip Hop – Contemporary.

French: G3-5

The French ASA program offers a developmentally appropriate program for our young learners, designed to build their confidence in learning and speaking French. This program is aimed at beginners to intermediary.

Mandarin: G3-5

We have our focus not only on introducing them to Mandarin but also express themselves with ease, thus widening their horizon. Learning this language will expose children to one of the most ancient civilizations.

German: G3-5

Deutsch macht SPAß…German is FUN! Come learn German in a fun-filled, modern, interactive way, at the American School of Bombay. We learn the fun way that makes you yearn to learn more and more.

Spanish: G3-5

In today’s professional world, traveling to and working in a country other than one’s own is a common practice. What makes the move easier is familiarity with the social and professional culture of the host country and language.

Global Debate Club: G4-5

Do you want to change the world, one person at a time? The Global Debate Club is an opportunity to work with others while positively engaging in healthy discussion around issues important to you. This program can accomodate a maximum of 12 students.

For more detailed information, refer to this document.

Studio: ES (Grade 3-5)


Bboying or Breakdancing is the one and only dance element of the Hip-hop Culture. It consists of acrobatic moves without losing the essence of dancing and is a combination of Top rock, Footwork/Downrock, Freezes, and Power moves.


Various calligraphy techniques and writing patterns shall be discussed and practiced in detail. Basics Strokes and 3 different forms of complete fonts shall be covered during the sessions.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art involving music, dance, martial art movements, acrobats, Portuguese language, history, and philosophy. Holistic in nature, it enhances physical and mental abilities in adults and children, giving them a healthy body and mind.

Container Gardening

Students will learn the basics of gardening, while undertaking a gardening project to green our school, make it more Eco-friendly and a better environment for us to learn in.

Drums & Percussion - Studio Band

The student will not only understand beats and timing but also jam and play along with songs on various percussion instruments including shakers, bongos, tambourines and a drum kit.

ES Newspaper

Be the lucky ones who get to investigate all the news and happenings across elementary school. Find stories to report on, capture them through photos and interviews and decide how to structure and present the ES newspaper.

Guitar - Studio Band

This program will provide the perfect foundation to guitar, where students will fine tune skills, touch upon the basics of guitar theory and engage in ensemble playing and jamming with others.

Intensive Dance

Dancers will be given different props to use like scarves, sticks, tables, chairs, drapes, shadow screens and lots more. Dances will be taught keeping in mind body agility, time space and coordination.


From video games to musical instruments, every maker follows steps to make their ideas real. See what it means to take your ideas from your imagination and create something from them.

Masterchef ASB

Students will have the opportunity to develop and explore basic culinary skills, techniques and knowledge. They will be introduced to a variety of recipes, while understanding the use of ingredients and equipment.


After mastering the basic mosaic skills, students will transform tiles into fabulous personal projects. Possibilities include a Coaster, name plate, wall piece or a tray etc.

Moviemakers 101

Students will learn the basics of script writing, storyboarding, cinematography, lighting, direction and editing. They will work in teams or as an individual to create a masterpiece.

Musical Drama

During ES Musical drama studio time, students explore acting techniques, dance, and stage singing. They are involved in creating the production alongside enthusiastic ES teachers.


Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves fast, efficient movement across obstacles of all types and commonly includes running, jumping and climbing.

Piano Keyboard - Studio Band

The program aims at honing skills of children genuinely looking to be wizards on the keys. Students build a strong foundation while playing fun songs and learning theory as the next step for budding musicians.

Saturday Music Studio

Descriptive details needed here...

Science - What's the Matter

Mad scientists needed to mix burping potions, concoct slime, dissect diapers and much more. Let’s have a blast exploring chemistry and types of matter!

Soccer FUNino Pro

This course is geared towards players who have been exposed to the sport and have a fundamental base. The focus is on refining and augmenting the fundamentals and getting them ready for some friendly competition.

Studio Swimming

The program is aimed at students that are competent swimmers and are working towards ARC Level 3 and above. It will focus on stroke refinement of Three of the four competitive strokes.

Technology and LEGO Robotics

Consisting of thematic mini-studios focusing on areas of interest including space, F1 racing, planet protection, Egyptian expedition, and fashion design, students can choose to build machines, animals, or moving vehicles.


Age-appropriately designed for students who are passionate or familiar with this sport and are open to friendly spirited competitions. Aimed at promoting fitness, agility, self-esteem, strategic thinking and teamwork.

Vocals - Studio Band

This vocal program takes kids from the basics of pitch control, voice strengthening and breathing to give them a platform to sing and perform for audiences.

Woodworking Workshop Studio

This workshop introduces woodworking with hand tools to children safely and effectively. Tools are demonstrated, safety rules are discussed, and sample projects are shown. Children get adult help to use the tools until they are confident enough to use them independently to complete their project.


With an instructor attuned to the need of young children, this shorter course will give students a nourishing space where there is no judgment and no need to be the “winner” or place a perfect pose.

For more detailed information about classes, refer to this document.


American Red Cross Swimming

The American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program teaches children to swim and be safe in or around water. As participants develop these skills, they become safer and better swimmers. This is the program to sign your up children if they need to learn how to swim, want to advance their level of swimming, or if they have been recommended to take extra lessons.

Students sign-up by level: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Parents are required to register their children for the appropriate swim level class. If you are uncertain of your child's current swim level, please email the Aquatic Coordinator for assessment.


What does ASA mean?

The after school program for grades KG-5 at ASB is branded ASA. ASA stands for After School Activities.

Who is the point person for the ASA program?

Mr. Crecencio Gomes, Student Life and Activities Coordinator at Elementary School Campus.

When do ASAs happen?

ASAs for Elementary school: will be programmed to run either before school 7:00- 7:45 am, or after school 3:00-4:00 pm

Schedule for ASAs this year?

  • Activities to be offered in 4 quarters
  • Signups for quarter 1/2 to happen in August
  • Signups for quarter 3/4 to happen in January
  • Activities will be structured to run either for 7 weeks (quarter) or 14 weeks (semester)

Does ASB offer transport for students involved in ASAs?

Elementary School: Yes, we do offer a late bus at 4:20 for activities that end at 4:00 pm. However there will be no bus transport offered for any activity that ends after 4:00 pm, before school or on Tuesdays

Who conducts ASAs at the American School of Bombay?

  • ASAs at the American School of Bombay are conducted either by ASB staff, parents who are professionally experienced and passionate about the activities they offer
  • Some of our ASAs are also conducted by outsourced companies or individuals, who have been through an interview process and are trusted to instruct as per ASB expectations and philosophies

What are the fees for ASAs?

The ASAs are offered at no additional cost to parents

How do I register for any ASA?

  • Parents could register their kids for any ASA in the following way
  • Each semester parents will be informed about the online registration dates
  • Online registration will be open, only on the dates provided
  • Parents missing out on the online registration will need to sign their child up by sending an email to the activity coordinator

How many activities can I register my child for?

  • For the first part of the year, students in Kindergarten are able to participate in up to two activities as part of the ASA program. Students in Grade 1 and above are able to participate in three activities. For students in Grades 3 and above, this is in addition to participation in the Studio: ES program
  • Parents will have the choice of registering their child for only 2 activities per quarter, during the 1st period of sign ups
  • During the second period of sign ups parents could register their child for any eligible activity that continues to have space available