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The American School of Bombay is a day school for children from the ages of 3 to 18. Children of all nationalities are welcome to apply. In order for Indian national students to be eligible to apply, they must have studied in an American/international system of education. If a child is an Indian national, please refer to the 'Indian Nationals' tab to know more details.

Note: Board Policy governs and restricts admission. In case of discrepancy between this document and Board of Trustees Policy, or in the event of changes in Board of Trustee Policy, current Board of Trustee Policy prevails.

Grade Placement

For those applicants coming from non-US school systems, please reference this weblink Grade Map for ASB Grade equivalencies to help determine appropriate ASB grade levels.

All applicants must be toilet trained and meet the minimum age requirements below:

Applicant Applying for:Age Requirement by August 31st of the school year enrolled
Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K3)3 years old
Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K4)4 years old
Kindergarten5 years old
Grade 16 years old

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1 applicants from schools whose age cut-off is after August 31st, (as in France, Spain, Belgium, Norway, etc) need to apply to the grade level that is age appropriate for the applicant.

Applicants applying from schools using calendar year school years, from January/April until November/March, (as in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, Singapore, Japan, Korea) need to apply to the grade level that extends their current school year. In other words, applicants applying for August enrollment should apply for the grade level in which they are currently enrolled; applicants applying for January enrollment should apply for the grade level they are completing or soon to complete.

In all cases, final acceptance and grade placement are subject to evaluation of a complete application by the ASB Admission Committee. Factors considered vital in making the appropriate grade placement at ASB include: previous academic success verified by school records, age, previous grade level placement, maturity (physical and social development), academic achievement, school attendance, and consistent educational experience. Once newly enrolled, all students are monitored to ensure their grade placement is appropriate while a student at ASB.

Assessments and Interviews during the application process

ASB's Admission Committee carefully reviews all academic records and communicates with the previous school personnel as appropriate. In many cases, additional information is not required. There are times, however, when the Admission Committee does require additional assessments, information, and interviews with the applicant and parents. If additional assessments are required, parents will be expected to facilitate such assessments at their own expense.

Indian Nationals

In order for Indian nationals to be eligible to apply to the American School of Bombay, they must meet the following criteria:

1. The parents of the student are likely to stay in India for an initial period of two or three years.
  • Parents shall provide a certified letter from their employer stating that their employment in India is for an initial period of two to three years.
  • If the employment tenure is extended, the parents shall provide an updated letter

2. The student has come from an American/international system of education and has to return to the American/international system of education.

  • Applicants shall provide official school records verifying their enrollment from accredited schools with an American/international system of education such as, but not limited to:

i. Schools following a national curriculum other than Indian (for example, German, Japanese, French, etc.)

ii. Schools following international curriculum (for example, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International Examinations, etc.)

3. Students are at a critical stage of education and studying at ASB is important for the student’s education.

  • Applicants must be a minimum of three years old by August 31st of the academic year in which they are applying.

Additional considerations:

  • Once the above criteria are met, applicants can seek admission to the American School of Bombay, which requires completing the online application and required checklist items.
  • During the application process, parents of Indian nationals must sign a declaration confirming they meet all of the above criteria.
  • Siblings of eligible applicants may also apply.