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Thank you for considering the American School of Bombay. Whether you are a family living in Mumbai or if your family is considering a possible relocation, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the admission procedure and submit an Online Inquiry Form.

Here are the steps to ASB’s admission process

  1. Complete the Online Inquiry Form
  2. Optional: School Visit or phone call
  3. Complete the Online Application Form
  4. Submit required documentation
  5. ASB’s Admission committee reviews complete applications and communicates admission decision


Please complete a brief Online Inquiry form so our Office of Admission team can personalize your family’s journey to the American School of Bombay. To ensure there is no delay in our response, both parents' details must be submitted in the Online Inquiry Form.


If you want to witness the best international school in Mumbai in action, we encourage you to have a personalized tour of our campuses and meet with the Director of Admission. We take pride in showcasing our learning spaces and encourage you to interact with our community of learners - students, teachers, and parents.

For scheduling and security reasons, we do require all visitors to make an appointment prior to visiting the school. Unfortunately, no tours can be given during school holidays, so please be sure to schedule an appointment accordingly.

If you are unable to visit ASB in person, we can schedule a telephone call with the Director of Admission.


The American School of Bombay makes the application process as simple and transparent as possible. The journey towards personalized attention begins with the admission office, knowing that all children and families transition differently. To best prepare for the arrival of every new child at ASB, parents are required to share relevant background information on each child. The application checklist includes:

  • Online application form
  • ASB Application Signature Form (document provided by ASB)
  • US$250 application fee
  • Parent employment letter
  • Passport-size photo of applicant
  • Copies of passports for applicant and parents
  • ASB Confidential Recommendation Form (document provided by ASB)
  • Prior school records/reports/transcripts
  • ASB Health Form (document provided by ASB)
  • If Applicable:
    • Standardized assessments, psycho-educational assessments, SLP reports, occupational or physical therapy reports, IEPs, etc
    • For Indian national applicants - ASB MEA Declaration (document provided by ASB)


It takes the Admission Committee up to two weeks to review a completed application. ASB reviews completed applications throughout the school year, accepting students on a rolling admissions basis. Essentially, there are no "deadlines" for an application to be submitted for our international school admission in Mumbai.

Admission to the American School of Bombay is subject to applicants meeting ASB’s academic and behavioral standards. Submission of a complete application does not guarantee acceptance into ASB. Complete academic records and all required paperwork must be received by the Office of Admission before the application can be considered for admission. If necessary, the ASB Admission Committee may request additional academic and personal information, additional assessments, as well as an applicant and parent interview. Failure to submit all required documentation and to disclose pertinent information regarding the applicant - such as educational testing, support services in or out of a schooling environment, individual educational plans, or psychological evaluations - may be cause for the student's admission review to be delayed or denied.