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As the best international school in Mumbai, ASB has created a unique educational environment for its members. They are in constant pursuit of personal and professional growth and development. We build global communities of learners and researchers to collaborate and move ahead. We exchange data, content, tools, and ideas with colleagues and schools around the world. We share our innovative practices and prototypes to see who would want them and what they are useful for.


The most important professional development comes from our "experts" in the building at ASB. Our teachers delve into different pedagogues from project-based learning to visible thinking. They explore gamification of curriculum to using Twitter and Facebook as instructional tools. Our teachers collaborate to learn more about instructional practices and enrich their tool kits. We provide a place for teachers to highlight their interests and techniques, so that other teachers know who to talk to when they have a question about a new way to approach teaching and learning.

Each day, our teachers meet to plan together, either in subject area or grade level teams. They work with instructional coaches to develop diagnostic assessments using data about students. Coaches also support teachers in finding instructional approaches that best meet the children's needs. Educational Technology coaches help find programs and new applications that will deepen student learning. Our Academic Support and English as an Additional Language Coaches also empower the students. They consult with the classroom teachers to share intuitive ways for supporting the students.


We have an everyday expectation of collaboration and learning from colleagues. Our established structures and partnerships support individuals’ continued learning and growth.

We partner with higher education institutions to provide online and face-to-face degrees and courses. These include certificate programs, workshops, and internship programs. We have worked with Boston University, SUNY Buffalo, and the University of Northern Iowa. These prestigious institutions have provided learning opportunities for faculty, staff, and parents and have made us the best school in Mumbai.

We offer ongoing professional learning opportunities for teachers to intentionally teach 21st Century Skills. Our programs and courses assist the teachers in many ways and include project-based learning. They learn meaningful integration of technology and usage of student data to individualize learning. Teachers also enhance their skills in supporting the needs of the English Language Learners.


ASB organizes and hosts several educational conferences and events to enhance professional learning. Faculty, staff, and educators from international schools across the world, India, and Mumbai participate in them. Our flagship conference is ASB Un-Plugged, first held in 2008. ASB Un-Plugged focuses on the deep integration of technology in 1-to-1 learning environments. As approaches to 1-to-1 learning have evolved, so has the vision for ASB Un-Plugged.

In 2013, we inaugurated the ASB Un-Plugged Impact series. This series takes place in years that do not have the 1-to-1 learning conference. The Impact series focuses on developments that force paradigm shifts in education. Conferences address topics, instructional practices, and bodies of research that are change-makers. The 2014 ASB Un-Plugged saw the first Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit (GSES) for students. This parallel event was an opportunity for students and teachers to explore global issues. They also collaborated to explore solutions for the widespread challenges in learning and teaching.

Besides the conferences, our campuses and teams host several learning events every year. These include IB Diploma and PYP Conferences, and Fountas and Pinnell training. We also organize the highly select international Google Apps for Education Summits.

ASB Un-Plugged 2018


Our Mission calls us to “continuously inquire,” as well as “enhance the lives of others.” We strive to fulfill our mission in many innovative ways. One of them is supporting other education institutions achieve their missions.

The American School of Bombay, as the leading international school in Mumbai, conducts Teacher Training Program (TTP). It is a two-year program meant for the teachers working at our partner education NGOs. Taught by teams of ASB staff, it focuses on critical areas for effective teaching in the 21st century. The topics covered in our Teacher Training Program include:

  • Creating a developmentally positive and supportive classroom environment
  • Conducting formative and summative assessments for the students
  • Differentiating instruction to meet the needs of a variety of learners

Besides the TTP, we also host Teach for India's annual InspirED conference. It brings together India’s most innovative and creative education professionals. They get an opportunity to engage the nation in a discussion around education equity in India. The Achieve Together’s conference brings together children from different backgrounds. It serves to connect the students with inspiring role models and instills a love for learning. The Indian Schools Leadership Institute’s training develops school leaders who can drive high-performing schools.

To support our work with local education institutions, we have developed a set of ASB advisory and mentoring services. These help organizations foster a culture of continuous growth and improvement. ASB extends active support for institutional reflection across different levels. From strategic vision setting and planning to infrastructure audits, we offer our involvement. It helps and enables other schools and organizations to continue to evolve to be on par with the best international schools in Mumbai. And in the process, get enabled to meet the changing needs of today’s global environment.