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As a leading international school, in Mumbai and the world, the American School of Bombay creates a unique learning environment for all our students. We are in constant pursuit of personal and professional growth and development. We build global communities of learners and researchers to collaborate and move ahead. We exchange data, content, tools, and ideas with colleagues and schools around the world and willingly share our innovative practices and prototypes with the global educational community.

At ASB, we value every one of our teachers as unique practitioners. We value honest, respectful, and direct communication among colleagues and between administration and faculty. We see feedback on teaching practice as the path to better teaching. Therefore, we commit ourselves to building the trust necessary for a positive working environment that promotes self-reflection and accountability at our international school in Mumbai.

We believe this helps to sustain and promote self-reflection as well as accountability. We believe professional growth occurs when individuals, teams, and supervisors engage in continuous collaboration.

ASB’s Professional Growth Model is based on teachers taking a high level of responsibility for the development of their own plans. The teachers share their plans with supervisors and coaches; they also collect and present evidence of their growth through the year.

Teaching Standards

Teaching standards are a teacher's job description for our school. They define specific teaching behaviors that are based on research and current practice, and that we know will influence student achievement. Similar standards for specified positions such as counselor, athletic director, librarian, and academic support teacher have also been developed.

Each standard is measured on three levels: does not meet standard, meets standard, and exceeds standard. Descriptors under each level help define teacher behaviors in each level. These standards were developed by a task-force of teachers and administrators and are based on Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching and incorporate ISTE's NETS-T standards.

Effective teachers model and apply the ISTE Standards for Students (Standards•S) as they design, implement, and assess learning experiences to engage students and improve learning, enrich professional practice, and provide positive models for students, colleagues, and the community.

Broad categorization

A: Planning and Preparation

  • Demonstrating knowledge of subject content and pedagogy
  • Planning and designing instruction to impact student learning

B: Teaching and Learning

  • Assessment of/for learning
  • Communication with students
  • Motivates and engages students in meaningful learning and growth
  • English language development
  • Individualized learning

C: Learning Environment

  • Establishing a safe, respectful learning environment
  • Establishes effective classroom procedures (transitions), manages student behavior

D: Professional Responsibilities

  • Interpersonal relationships and building community relationships
  • Upholds and models ASB core values and policies
  • Continuous learning