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There has been a dramatic acceleration in global competition and collaboration spurred by information and communication technology. The service economy, driven by information, knowledge and innovation, has reshaped industries and workplaces. Innovative institutions require people who can integrate strong communications, problem solving and systems thinking skills to customize their work and respond to organizational expectations.

The ASB Online Academy is a pioneering initiative of the American School of Bombay (ASB). ASB is recognized as a leader in education and innovation in teaching and learning. Founded with a mission to provide an effective, accessible, anytime, anywhere online learning environment that encourages collaboration, shared passion and a desire to develop 21st century skills that support lifelong learning, the ASB Online Academy leverages innovative educational practices and experiences to help a diverse range of learners everywhere enhance critical thinking, efficiency, and collaboration.

Three learning strands offer a range of learning opportunities for Adults, Education Professionals and Students. ASB Online Academy Professional and Adult learning experiences challenge individuals to become highly effective professionals with a diverse repertoire of skills. Our student courses are open to students worldwide. With no geographic barriers, they have access to a broader spectrum of course material that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Beyond equipping students with skills necessary for their success, online learning empowers students to become the primary agents in their learning process infusing them with the confidence to pursue their course of study and interests.

Our courses are open to everyone, worldwide. Enroll now to start learning online today!

Explore the Self-Study, Student Courses, and Professional Learning strands of the ASB Online Academy.