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Future Forwards

Future Forwards: Exploring Frontiers in Education

Fueled by new knowledge about how the brain works, how “the environment” - in every respect of the word - influences understanding, and what drives, motivates and inspires people, education and schooling are undergoing a radical transformation.

This transformation has been, and will continue to be, accelerated by the integration of emerging technologies that supplement, complement and, in some cases, completely replace known pedagogies.

Future Forwards is a collection of musings, hypotheses, discussions, and reflections on practices, research, and ideas that are relevant to emerging new paradigms of teaching and learning in the 21st century. Future Forwards is committed to exploring the frontiers of education at ASB to make it the best school in Mumbai.

Writers' Publications

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The purpose of the Writers Club is to provide a platform for an individual to express through different forms of writing. As a group, the members meet regularly to learn from each other the finer nuances of writing prose and poetry and support writing of different genres in many languages. We invite experts and Literacy Coaches to guide us through our literary journey. The Writers Club's goal is to invite individuals from our student, parent and staff community to contribute writing pieces towards a compilation of stories, poems, and letters. The writers meet every Friday to brainstorm, write, discuss, share ideas, and explore the different techniques and strategies for writing.