American School of Bombay

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Speak a little to anyone from ASB and some things become clear. There is a very strong sense of community and camaraderie among everyone in the school. Students make deep connections and forge long friendships in class and on the field. A sense of belonging develops at community events and off-campus. Birthday parties, brunches, and shared vacations nurture togetherness.

A commitment to our mission holds the community together and focuses all the work that we do. We have a mission that calls us to pursue dreams and enhance the lives of others. We believe that the choices people make while at ASB measure their true achievement. More so, the lives they choose to live after.

These two themes underlie every work that we do with our alumni. We bring people together in a common experience and listen to their stories of life after ASB. We engage our graduates and all former parents, students, and staff in the school's mission. They gain from our activities and programs as much as the current students and families at ASB do.

Staying Connected

ASB maintains strong connections with its alumni, welcoming them back to campus and supporting their college and career development.

Life Long Friendships

Bonds stay strong after our community members leave.

Sense of Belonging

Bringing graduates, former parents, students and staff together at community events.

Commitment to Mission

Pursuing dreams and enhancing the lives of others.