American School of Bombay

Jai, Alumni

A community of extraordinary people – students, teachers, and administrators – encourages you to explore your passions through unique and different pathways.

Felix, Grade 1

I like ASB because of the class rooms. I like the cubbies and the carpets.

Kruthika, Grade 12

I realized that while there are things that are working out pretty well, I felt there are things that could be made better, which I also had the power to do.

Shinde, Facilities Manager

Where I live, that’s my second home. ASB is my first home.

Our Community

The ASB is a vibrant and diverse community that welcomes and empowers each person to help us create a transformative educational experience. The culture of inquiry that we develop fosters curiosity and encourages risk-taking. We empower every member of our community to question convention, master relevant skills and address real-world issues.

Andrew, Grade 5 teacher

As a teacher, I get to enhance the lives of my students as learners. This also means I am able to guide the students in enhancing the lives of people in our wider community.

Emily, Alumni

My CSR has helped me to realize that I like helping people, which has also pushed me into studying environmental science.

Judith, Parent

ASB has given me the opportunity to experience continuous academic, social and cultural growth, and exploration. Options are limitless.

Alice, Grade 7

ASB believes that no dream is too big, too far or impossible; in fact, impossible is not a word, because you never fail until you stop trying. But, most importantly, this school believes in you, your potential and your ideas, no matter what, no matter when.