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Research and Development


Thriving in an accelerating change environment has required ASB to take smart actions, based on quality information with heightened speed, while delivering everyday on ASB’s mission. Transforming ASB for the future while executing and delivering on our mission every day requires us to evolve, refine, and re-iterate our superstruct to continue to act on quality information with heightened speed.

ASB’s Dual Operating System

As a leading international school in Mumbai, ASB has two operating systems - a traditional teaching and learning operating system that operates reliably and efficiently to execute and deliver on our mission every day, and a research and development operating system that resembles a network. R&D at ASB focuses on sustained innovation for relevant learning.

R&D works by creating and facilitating guiding coalitions of interested motivated people throughout ASB to explore, study, prototype, research, and scale new teaching and learning approaches, practices and systems. School members with the drive to learn deeply, think differently, and leverage the conditions of autonomy, mastery and relatedness to others to transform teaching and learning.

The R&D Department researches and develops approaches, practices, and systems that:

  • are driven by global trends
  • have a strong relevance to our school mission and core values
  • have potential to significantly transform teaching and learning
  • have sudden urgency or meet unexpected needs

Dr. Shabbi Luthra mmmmmmmmmmmmmmScot Hoffman
Director of Research and Development mmm R&D Coordinator


Future Forwards: Exploring Frontiers in Education

Fueled by new knowledge about how the brain works, how “the environment” - in every respect of the word - influences understanding, and what drives, motivates and inspires people, education and schooling are undergoing a radical transformation.

This transformation has been, and will continue to be, accelerated by the integration of emerging technologies that supplement, complement and, in some cases, completely replace known pedagogies.

Future Forwards is a collection of musings, hypotheses, discussions, and reflections on practices, research, and ideas that are relevant to emerging new paradigms of teaching and learning in the 21st century. Future Forwards is committed to exploring the frontiers of education at ASB to make it the best school in Mumbai.